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Chipper Champ – New Word in Casino History

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The Chipper Champ is the accepted chipping machine in the gaming industry. Counting casino chips can be tedious, especially in busy casinos. Prior to the use of chip counting machines, roulette tables required two dealers for a game to run. This was slow, and cumbersome; in casinos - time is money. It means that casinos had to find a reliable means of counting chips that would also help them to identify false chips. They came up with the Chipper Champ which was followed by the Chipper Champ Plus and now we have the Chipper Champ 2.

The Chipper Champ 2

The Chipper Champ2 was created to improve reliability and reduce costs. Its creation was after extensive investigations by taking into consideration the opinions of dealers and casino owners. They were able to make a counting machine that is now used to meet the needs of casino owners successfully when it comes to counting chips. This Chipper Champ 2 comes in the latest colors that allow casino operators to fit it in with any casino décor.

It is used to sort and stack gambling chips at a rate of three hundred to five hundred chips per minute. It is valuable when it comes to identifying and isolating counterfeit chips or those that are suspected to be below quality. It is excellent for 24 hour casinos because it is capable of being in operation throughout. In addition, it improves the productivity of the game by 15%. This is because it is compact and fast, with a reduced number of components, and requires low maintenance.

Reliable and efficient

The Chipper Champ is highly reliable, and with its proficiency, it is also easy to keep it beyond the view of the players. This keeps the scrutiny of the chips by the dealer private; the players only see the dealer collect chips and supply them to the table. The Chipper Champ 2 is discreet not only because it can be left out of view but also because it is the quietest chipper in existence so far.

The Chipper Champ has integrated IP networking. This allows management to monitor the performance of the table in real time. In addition to this is the fact that, it can be quickly programmed and re-programmed, and this offers convenience to casino operators. If there is a fault detected, the machine is quick to register it and immediately offers intuitive support for the user.

Dealers are different some are left-handed, and others are right handed. The way they handle chips during games affects the flow of the game. The Chipper Champ 2 can be used by either right or left handed dealers, which means is suits any dealer. It is also easy to operate as it has a very simple interface. There are only four buttons to focus on, and this facilitates quick action that goes towards maintaining free-flow in the game.

Secure and user friendly

The Chipper Champ 2 is secure and keeps dealers accurately updated on the situation. It has a chip counter that gives the total per column and the total of all the chips in all the columns. It helps that it utilizes modern technology that enables owners to prompt simple operations such as maintenance and services. The use of Chipper Champ 2 offers incomparable efficiency in the casino during Black Jack games.

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