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This first strategy of craps is called Classic Regression. The main perspective of this strategy is to get profit by one hit. You have to wait till the shooter collect point before your bet has been placed. You have to place 2 units or in money $12.00 on 6 and 8 number. When one hit occur you have to propose the dealer to drop down 1 unit on 6 and 8 both.

After that you will get $2 profit and when it hurt 7 then you will make $12 profit. On two hit you will get $21. You have to keep betting on those numbers 6 and 8. If you like better to keep ridding on bet then you should cover the numbers. There exist approximately ten way to make six and 8 and there about six ways to combine.


This strategy called as "Three Point Molly". In this strategy there are three numbers to work for you. You have to put a bet name pass line and ensure your bet by putting odds single or double. Then you have to place a bet name come line and do same as you done before in pass line bet. After winning first come bet you have to put second come bet and do the similar process in anticipation of the shooter gone seven out or make his point. When you make a bet called Come Bet each time then you have to protect Pass Line bets. You have to take the hot roller advantage.


This strategy is known by names "Anything But Seven". The main perspective of this strategy bet any number except seven. You have to wait for the point establishing and you shouldn't place any bet on pass line or don't pass line. You have to put 2 units on the numbers 5, 6 & 8 and put 1 unit on the ground of the field. This strategy is more risky than other strategies of the game and the total risk is about $39.00. In this strategies you have to remove all the bet at the rear of the three rolls. You are going to win in between $15.00-$27.00. You may be also interested in Pai Gow game.

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