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Pai Gow Poker Online and its hands

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The main principle of Pai Gow Poker online is to make the players two hands hit the banker's 2nd hand.

Pai Gow poker online is one of the most favorite online casino games. This game is played with typical deck of 52 cards. There is also a joker with these cards. That player receives the initial set of cards is determined by a random number generator. It is also done by the rolling of dice. Every player has to deal the cards and must divide them into two part hands. This is known as "setting the hand". 1st hand is made by five cards and this hand is known as the "the highest hand", sometimes this is also called "the back". The 2nd made by the other two cards and this hand is known as "the second highest". This second hand is also called "low" or "the front". The hand that is consisted with five cards is always ranking higher Pai Gow poker online while the second hands rank is lower.

If the two hands beat the trader's hands, you will get 1:1 for the bet. you have to pay 5% commission of your earning to the bank. If two hands lose beside the trader's hands, the trader takes the bet. But if one of your hands wins then the round ends in a tie.

Highest Hand (Five Card): it is also known as back hand. The hand with 5 cards should rank upper than 2 cards hand. So the players have to make a best combination of five cards to build "the back".

Second Highest Hand (Two Card): it is also known as front hand. The two cards hand should rank lower than the "five card". Generally, "two cards" hand is made with a pair. If it is not possible then the face value set up the hand's rank .The "two cards" hand which is made with both the aces which is referred as the best ranking hand of 2 cards.

Joker Card: it is known as wild card is used to complete or finish a flush. It is also used to complete straight flush, flush. Sometimes it is used as a Ace of solitary.

House Ways: If you don't know the way of setting a hand then it is good news for them that Pai Gow poker online offer a button named "house ways". You can set your cards automatically by pressing this button. This is based on the rules which are followed by the casino dealers.

Copy Hand: when the dealer and player have the same rank or hand then a copy is happened. In this situation the banker will get the hand.

Dead or Foul Hands: When a player makes the front hand or "two card" higher than "five card " or the back then a dead or foul hand is happened. Clearly if you set two best cards to the 2nd highest hand then you hand will automatically foul. Many online poker offer you to reset the hands but land based casino has no such offer. That means if you make a foul hand then you must have to lose.

Player Banking: online Pai Gow Poker where you can choose a banker option. If you choose a banker option then you will able to win the copy hands. As a banker you deed to bet first against the dealer. But you will have to pay out all the players which you do not win the game. in the table in order to cover the bets which is done by them. You cards is compared with the dealer first and then with the other players. Your will have to give 5% commission of your earning to the house.

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