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Below are a list of 7 poker terms that are used when you play poker online at 888 and their meanings.


The Ante is the chips that are placed in the pot in the center of the table before a hand has begun. These initial bets contribute towards the pot which is awarded to the winning hand at the end of the game.


The two players that are situated immediately to the left of the dealer must each make a bet. These bets are called blind because neither player is allowed to see the cards that will be in their hand. The bets are placed before any cards are dealt. So the first two players are bidding on a blind deal.


At a table that is playing either Hold’em poker or Omaha poker or variants of these games the dealer begins dealing the hands. The first three community cards will be dealt to the center of the table. These three community cards are always dealt face up, that is, with the face value of the cards showing to all players. The players will all have made an initial bid. The flop initiates the second round of bidding.


The last card that is dealt in any game of poker is called the river. In other games, it is also known as 5th street (in Hold’em and Omaha) and 7th street (in Stud). These alternative names still refer to the last card that is dealt by the dealer.


The showdown takes place at the end of the game. When all cards have been dealt and all the players have placed their bets what happens next is called the showdown. All players reveal their hands by turning their cards face upwards. The hands are all compared and then the winning hand is declared. The player who holds the winning hand then takes the pot.


A call is made by the next player to the left of the previous player. He decides whether he or she has a sufficiently strong hand to match the previous bid. By doing this, a player is making a call.


When the order of play reaches a player and it is his or her turn to bet, a decision has to be made by the player. Based on the bets that have been placed before does he consider his hand is strong enough to continue playing the hand? If he decides that it is a sufficiently strong hand then he will raise the previous bet. 

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