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Ways of Blackjack Card-Counting

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Normally, the game of blackjack starts by players being dealt cards by the dealer. He/ She deals out two face-up cards to the players, and one face down card and one face up card to himself or herself. Blackjack card counting is a method used by certain blackjack players, to gain an edge over the casino. It’s actually legal, and many players spend time learning the different methods of black jack card counting in order to improve their chances of winning at their game.

This strategy involves counting cards from memory, without the aid of any electronic devices. The main idea is to remember high value cards such as the Ten cards. Once you learn where these cards are in the stack, you have your edge on the casino. Some keep track of every single card dealt out to the players at the table during a game. Once they understand how the cards are being dealt, they can adjust their bets to ensure that they win.

There are many card counting methods, but most of them work by the user starting the count at 0. This means, they start the card counting once they sit at the table. It needs a lot of concentration because one has to keep track of the cards he/she is dealt, and then keep track of all the cards dealt throughout the game. This skill requires a lot of practice. In addition with practicing there is a need to know the various card counting strategies, and then pick one that suit your style of play.

Hi-Lo count

This strategy only requires you to be numerically literate. As long as you can count, you can use it. You must then learn the value of each card in a blackjack deck. This should be followed by you starting the count at zero once you sit at the table. This will be followed by you adding one, subtracting one, or adding 0 each time the dealer gives out a card. You have to focus because you can’t miss a count.

This form of card counting is a balancing card counting method. Other strategies of this nature include Hi-Lo and Hi-Opt systems. These systems ensure that if you count down the +1, - 1 and 0 values you will come with a count of 0.

Unbalanced counting systems do not guarantee a value of 0 at the end. The card counting method known as the Knock-Out (KO) system is one such method.

KO card counting system

In this system, the 7s in the deck are equivalent to +1 which is different from the 0 used in the Hi Lo System. In this system, the running count falls at +4 as opposed to 0 in the Hi Lo System. It’s hard to remember all the card values, but it is possible to remember that the low cards are +1, the high cards are -1 and the 8s and 9s are equal to 0.

Regardless of the card counting method you choose, you should practice enough so that getting the values right is automatic for you. To have a high probability of winning a good amount of money, bet more when the total is high and bet less when the count is low.

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