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Personally Created Blackjack Variations

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The world of blackjack has so many variations, most of which you might even not know of their existence. Blackjack card game has been organized formally since 1700s even though it was referred to by different names during that time. Today, this card game still has a plethora of names and the 21 game is called by others as the ‘Pontoon’, Hokkien and Vingt-et-un. Nowadays, online casino https://blackjack77belgium.com offers players live blackjack that features live dealers dealing the cards through webcam. Besides the formally known and recognized blackjack versions, some other versions have been created by individuals and are thus not known to the entire gambling community.

One thing that is common in all these personally created blackjack variations is that they all revolve around number twenty one. For you to win in a blackjack game, you must have a score of 21. This goal is reached by players by getting cards from the dealer in varied and specific ways. The valuing of the cards is done on a similar schedule. For instance, the Ace in blackjack is worthy eleven but this changes when it ‘busts’ in which case the value of the Ace is converted to a single Face card of Jack, King and Queen which has a worth of ten cards and two of them still maintain their face value. Also, some personally created blackjack versions like MatchPlay 21 and Triple 7s offer special rewards for certain cards like the sevens.

For blackjack variations highlighted above, the player gets three sevens which could be reached at in spades, by matching suits or any other combination that wins a much higher payout unlike in the standard blackjack game where the initial wager has a payout ratio of three to one. Other personally created blackjack variations like Blackjack Switch and Double Exposure provide players with much better odds of striking a win as the full hand of the dealer is revealed. Also, some blackjack variations allow players to easily switch out their cards in the game from two hands.

Other personally created blackjack variations majorly rely on some older playing methods like Chinese Blackjack and Pontoon. Actually, these games feature some additional and more formalized game rules and the players have a seemingly unique take to blackjack versions that are played commonly at casinos. Spanish 21 is a tremendously popular game variation where all tens are removed from the deck of cards used in playing. This makes it more challenging for one to win the game against the dealer or the house.

There are also other personally created blackjack variations that are designed to boost the chances of the player to get more financial benefits by buying insurance against the hand of the dealer or placing some side bets on games. A good example of such variants is High Streak Blackjack where players winning consecutive games get rewarded with larger rewards against their original side bets. Other blackjack variants that you should consider playing include Super Fun, Double Blackjack, Multi- Hand Blackjack and Elimination Blackjack.

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